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HVO for Sustainable Coastal and Inland Shipping

The shipping industry is rapidly becoming a significant contributor to CO2 emissions. If current trends continue unchecked, it could account for 17% of worldwide CO2 emissions by 2050. Whether your primary operations involve coastal or inland shipping, opting for sustainable HVO fuel allows you to take immediate action towards reducing your environmental impact.

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As a ship operator, you bear a significant responsibility. Navigating through or near sensitive areas while consuming fuel calls for a sustainable approach. Reducing your emissions is a crucial part of this effort.


By opting for sustainable biofuels like HVO, you can cut CO2 emissions by up to 90%. This way, you can easily comply with emission regulations without needing substantial investments. It's beneficial for your business, your environment, and everyone living and working in it.

Why HVO?

How shipping gets greener with HVO

Reduce up to

90% CO2

Sailing on HVO cuts your CO2 emissions by up to 90%, when choosing HVO100. Of course, you can also start with a lower blend.

Start small

With HVO

Switching to sustainable biofuel is straightforward with HVO. You can start with blends and gradually increase the proportion as desired.

Or make impact

with HVO100

With HVO, you have complete flexibility as it blends seamlessly with fossil diesel. Depending on your sustainability goals and budget, you can choose the blend percentage that perfectly fits your operations.

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