GoodFuels supports NS in achieving a low-carbon customer journey

GoodFuels supports NS in achieving a low-carbon customer journey GoodFuels supports NS in achieving a low-carbon customer journey

The Dutch Railways (NS) announced today that it has contracted GoodFuels to execute a pilot focused on achieving a low carbon customer journey. This pilot has the ambition to radically reduce the CO2 footprint of the alternative bus transport related in case of maintenance or operational disturbances on the track. By using renewable diesel, NS will reduce their bus related carbon footprint up to 85%.


During this pilot, the bus companies Jan de Wit and Munckhof will be using 100% renewable diesel in 7 of their busses for a period of several months. These busses will represent a current fleet and include both Euro-3, Euro-5 and even Euro-6 busses, for which this fuels has only recently been fully approved by Scania and Volvo as a sustainable alternative. The bus manufacturers Scania, Volvo and VDL are supporting this pilot.


NS will also use this pilot to investigate the options to include sustainability criteria in their next tendering process in 2017, while ensuring that their tender goals will be feasible for the contract parties.


Jeroen van Heiningen, director Road & Rail at GoodFuels: “We are proud that NS has chosen GoodFuels to support them in this innovative pilot. We are convinced that this will inspire more bus companies and local governments to recognize our renewable diesel as the primary sustainable alternative to fossil diesel, as it can be used directly to any current fleet without any changes to the vehicles.”


Ralph Luijt, manager Energy at NS: “We are striving for a truly sustainable product for our customers. GoodFuels, Jan de Wit and Munckhof are great partners in this project and we are all very excited to learn to what extend renewable diesel can suport us in achieving a our green future”.


Hans Binnendijk, Product Manager at Scania Netherlands: “Scania is offering the widest range of sustainable transport solutions. Renewable diesel in our Euro 6 engines combines the best of both worlds. Euro 6 stands for extreme low exhaust of particles and NOx while the renewable diesel reduces the CO2 footprint considerably. We are proud that our products participate in this pilot and are convinced that they can definitely contribute to the goals of NS. 

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