KLM buses reduce one million kilometres of CO2-emissions

KLM buses reduce one million kilometres of CO2-emissions KLM buses reduce one million kilometres of CO2-emissions

Amsterdam, July 10th, 2019: KLM, biofuel pioneer GoodFuels and transport expert Munckhof have joined forces in a new partnership that will see sustainable biofuel used on KLM’s free Schiphol shuttle bus service from key locations across the Netherlands, the companies have announced today. Usage of the biofuel is expected to realise a CO2- reduction of 577 tonnes per year, versus normal operations.


By using the sustainable biofuel, KLM, GoodFuels and Munckhof are responsible for the reduction of one million kilometers of CO2-emissions – equivalent to the emissions that would be created from driving around the world 25 times. Additionally, by using the free service, passengers further reduce their carbon footprint, as they take more vehicles off the road that would normally be driven to the airport.


The biofuel contains no sulphur and also creates a significant reduction in nitrogen and particulate matter, resulting in better air quality. The bus engines also needed no technical modifications to operate on the biofuel, proving that means to reduce CO2-emissions are already available and on the market. The drop-in biofuel, which is a direct replacement for fossil fuels, is made from 100% certified waste and residue streams, meaning it has no negative impact on food production or land use.


Commenting on the announcement, Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO and Founder, GoodFuels said: “All our products, services and business models are focussed on the implementation and acceleration of the energy transition. We are very proud that, as green biofuel pioneers, the name GoodFuels is connected to this sustainable service of another 100-year young pioneer in KLM.


Daan Pijzel, Director Commercial Benelux, KLM added: "Besides making aviation sustainable, KLM also wants to make bus transport between home and the airport more sustainable. Our KLM bus service has an important role in this. According to the Green Deal Zero Emissions plan, advanced biofuel is the most sustainable and directly available solution for bus transport. Our sustainability partner GoodFuels facilitates the complete biofuel operation and ensures that our buses are reducing CO2 directly, today.”


The three free-of-charge buses are available for passengers heading to and from Amsterdam Schiphol from across the country, out of Maastricht, Maastricht Aachen Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Nijmegen, Arnhem – and, from September 1st, Venlo. Additionally, as of July 1st, KLM also provide buses from Enschede, Hengelo and Apeldoorn, both to and from Amsterdam Schiphol. From today, all three of these bus services become climate neutral by using biofuel.