Rotterdam | 28-03-2023

NORDEN and Spar Shipping partner up to use GoodFuels sustainable biofuel

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Two leading shipping companies team up to use GoodFuels' sustainable biofuel for intercontinental voyages

Rotterdam – 28 March 2023: NORDEN, a leading global dry bulk shipping company, has partnered with shipowner Spar Shipping AS to bunker approximately 1100 tonnes of GoodFuels' sustainable biofuel in Rotterdam. The biofuel will be used on two chartered vessels bound for Asia and Africa respectively, marking the first biofuel bunkering by NORDEN on chartered vessels. 


Building a better world together

This partnership is another great example of how market players can and should collaborate to decarbonise the shipping industry. Following our successful biofuel trial with Spar Shipping and Fleet Management Limited and our long-standing relationship with NORDEN, with whom we completed the world's first ultra-low carbon and sulphur drop-in biofuel delivery back in 2018, and also share recent successes like successfully testing our isotopic tracer for marine biofuels, we applaud both companies for this next step in their decarbonisation journey.


"Biofuel is a key transition fuel on our journey to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050"

Start today

One of the greatest advantages of our sustainable biofuel over other low-carbon fuels is that it can be used onboard vessels without any adjustments to existing engines or fuel infrastructure. This minimises the risk for shipowners and creates a unique opportunity for them to start taking action and reduce emissions today. 


According to Henrik Røjel, Head of Decarbonisation & Climate Solutions at NORDEN, "Biofuel is a key transition fuel on our journey to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050". He further added, "We are pleased that a shipowner like Spar Shipping is equally keen to partner with us in accelerating the usage of biofuel in the maritime industry to the benefit of our customers and society at large."


"It is in our interest to participate to create a well-functioning market for sustainable biofuel"

Jarle Ellefsen, CEO of Spar Shipping AS, highlighted the importance of facilitating the use of sustainable biofuel onboard the vessels to gain experience and to push the comfort zone in a deliberate manner. He added, "It is very much greenfield work, and it is in our interest to participate to create a well-functioning market for sustainable biofuel where both availability and low cost is addressed through economies of scale. What is not affordable is not sustainable either. To this end, we are all influencers these days."


Decarbonizing global shipping

At GoodFuels, we are committed to providing sustainable and easily-adoptable biofuels that empower shipping companies to reduce their fleet emissions and contribute to our joint, global objective of decarbonising the shipping industry. We look forward to continuing to work with NORDEN and Spar Shipping AS to further grow sustainable biofuel uptake throughout the maritime industry.


Start sailing on sustainable biofuels

Would you like to start sailing on sustainable biofuels with your existing vessels, without having to change your existing engine and fuel infrastructure? Request your trial here and one of our team members will reach out to you. We're looking forward to helping you take the next step in your decarbonization journey!